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Parental Control Tools To Keep Your Child Safe On The Internet
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Parental Control Tools To Keep Your Child Safe On The Internet

Children begin to use technology at an earlier and younger age. In Spain it is estimated that 99% of households with children have access to the Internet and that two out of three children between 10 and 15 years old have a mobile phone. However, although having access to the Internet can make life much easier for children, especially in times of pandemic, it also entails different risks such as cyberbullying. In many cases, they are also harassed by their own colleagues through social networks to subject them to numerous harassments. Unfortunately, most of these children prefer to remain silent as they are afraid to tell their parents what is happening.


If you are looking for an effective, versatile and easy-to-use parental control tool, Qustodio is a perfect alternative. Available for both mobile phones and computers, it has a free version and a Premium version that allow you to block games or applications that you do not want them to use, manage the time they spend on social networks, monitor their activity on YouTube and access their calls and posts. With a version also for schools, Qustodio offers the possibility to filter inappropriate content or keywords, limit access to certain web pages and know the location of your children in real time. In addition, it includes an SOS panic button that will send you an emergency notification if your child is in trouble.

Secure Kids

With a wide range of functionalities to protect children on the Internet, Secure Kids is one of the most complete parental control applications on the market. Designed for both Smartphones and Android tablets, it allows you to limit access to certain web pages, filter content and words, block applications and calls on your mobile. It also offers the possibility of restricting the time children spend on the Internet, creating alarms remotely and knowing their location at all times. And it includes an emergency button that alerts you if your child is in trouble. And in addition, it has remote configuration! So you can manage everything from your own phone.

Norton Family

Taking care of your children online can be much easier with a parental control application like Norton Family. From knowing the words that your children use often and the videos they watch to limiting the time they spend connected to the Internet, with Norton Family you will be able to manage children’s activity online much better. The application allows you to monitor and block inappropriate websites that your children visit, as well as check the applications that have been downloaded and block the ones that you do not want them to have on their devices. Its greatest novelty is that it helps children stay focused while they are in class since it allows adding pages or applications for school use, but instead blocks the rest of the pages or applications that distract them during class time.